Basic Details Of Each Continent

The seven continents are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Europe and Australia.

Continents are massive landmasses on earth.

Asia ;

Asia is the largest and most populous continent with more than 4 billion people, greater than that of all the other continents combined. On its three sides there is Indian ocean, pacific ocean and arctic ocean. There are 48 countries in Asia. Both the highest point on the land , mount Everest (over 8848 meters above sea level) and the lowest point on the land, the dead sea (-395 meters) are found in Asia. Himalayas are World’s highest mountains. Hundreds of languages are spoken here. India alone has 30 official languages. TAJ Mahal, the great wall of China, Bali islands are important attractions.

Africa :

There are 54 countries in Africa. Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent. Surrounded by Atlantic ocean , Indian ocean , Mediterranean sea, red sea. Largest country is Algeria. Nile is the longest river in the World, The Sahara in Northern Africa is the largest hot desert. Most attractive places are Victoria falls in Zambia and Mauritius.

North America :

It is the third largest continent.North America has 23 countries . Surrounded by Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean and Arctic ocean. Mexico has largest population. United states is the richest country. Major attractions are Niagara falls and Disney land.

South America :

Surrounded by Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean. Popular attractions are Amazon river ( Largest river by volume ), Angel falls ( Highest waterfall in the world) , Atacama desert ( Driest place ), World’s largest rain forest is at the Amazon river basin.

Antarctica :

Ice covered continent. Surrounded by Southern ocean. Windiest, driest and least populated . There is no permanent residence in Antarctica. Beautiful emperor Penguins are found here. It is tallest and heaviest of all living penguins.

Europe :

Europe is the World’s third most populous continent with 50 countries. Russia is the largest and Vatican is the smallest country of the world. Major attractions are Big Ben in England and Eifel Tower in France.

Australia :

Australia/Oceania is the smallest continent. Main cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra. Most known Australian animals are Kangaroo and Koalas. Main attractions are opera house and Alps.

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