God of Miracles

Jesus Christ Himself is a miracle. If he is with us , his presence is a miracle. When Jesus was asked why Your disciples
do not fast like others, Jesus says that there is no need for desciples to fast when the bridegroom is with them.
If the bridegroom departs, many will come in my name. Jesus says they are wolves that come to steal my house.
But those I have hear my voice, Mine follow me when the wolf comes to catch them, when the wolves and jackals come hungry for blood.
I am such a good groom. Jesus says that I lay down my life for my brothers (John chapter 10).
I am with you till the end of the world
It is the Lord who said He will sit.
The Lord who sits, sits and comes.
For God’s sake
On the contrary, nothing will happen in your life. Sometimes Satan will try to move you in a direction contrary to God’s will. But God sees you there too.
Look at Jonah.

What did Jonah do?
Was Jonah doing God’s will?
God told Jonah to go to Nineveh
to prophesy judgment. But Jonah deviated from God’s will and sailed to Tarshish.
Jonah fainted in the bottom of the ship. But when, the ship sank due to Jonah hiding at the bottom, the companions took Jonah and threw him into the sea.
From there
Into the belly of the whale. The whale took Jonah and spat to Nineveh.
Jonah came to Nineveh as part of God’s plan.
He will bring you to the plan God intended for you.

Even if it means lying in the belly of some whales, God will do it. To a deep analysis of the topics of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and glorification,
It is also necessary to arrive at an understanding of the unfolding state with accurate and clear depiction. Otherwise, you will not receive the revelation of Christ
Otherwise, without receiving the revelation of Christ, he is just sitting in hiding, hiding and shooting arrows in the darkness. And he can be rejected.

Two thousand years ago, Christ is the true God who came down as the Son of Man, giving himself up for the sins of mankind.
He said that even while lying on the cross you should not cry for me, cry for yourselves and your children.

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