Lord who saved

When God gave man his time in this world, he put a trial on sin in the flesh. Ever since Adam’s sin, Satan has nurtured man’s fleshly desires and plans to cast him into death and cast his soul into Hades so that there is no escape.

It is our responsibility to succeed in this test to be freed from this bond, to be saved and not to be destroyed by death, to believe in the cross, to take up the cross, and to follow Christ who is strong enough to resurrect. “He went down into the deep and freed the captives and went up on high and gave good gifts from the presence of the Father”. Paul reminds us that On high, trusting in God, as the parable says, the life of the righteous is upward. It is necessary to push away what is behind and run away from what is in front, according to which he will leave the underworld.

Paul says – Who will deliver me from this sinful flesh? Paul reminds me that to live is Christ and to die is gain.

As Paul says, I live in the flesh and in the Spirit. But now I do not know whether I am in the flesh or in the spirit. I crucify the lusts of the flesh and gain victory over them for Christ’s sake. According to Paul, “Woe is me, an unseemly man.” Who will deliver me from my sinful body? I overcome all these things for Christ’s sake.

I know the power of the flesh against my spirit. Alas, I am a wretched man. Who will deliver me from this sinful body? I overcome all this through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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