The Boat of our Faith Life

When the wind blows, the boat moves according to the direction of the wind. There is an anchor. There is a place to rest at the stern.There is a mat, there is a paddle. Jesus is in the boat.

The wind which is the Holy Spirit that carries the boat of faith life will carry the boat where it needs to go. We see a group of people lovingly knocking Jesus up in the experience of sinking a firecracker. Jesus is always good even when the ship of faith is sinking. Let it rain heavily, let the waves rise, let it be the experiences of the wind blowing and the firecrackers swaying. Jesus is there. The psalmist writes – ” When the boat of life was rowed, it was Jesus who came to help. When you are drowning in the whirlwind of sorrow, Lord Vanesu is the shore. ”

Peter is the one who cut off the ear of the one who came to arrest Jesus. Peter denied Jesus three times out of fear. After the Lord’s crucifixion, Peter and John again had the experience of going out to catch fish. Jesus is no longer there to bear the burden. Both of them saw Jesus resurrected and looking at them on the shore of the sea, when both of them were under the burden of not having the Lord to lean on and comfort them.

Peter drew on his life experiences and wrote in his epistle. ” He will never leave you, nor forsake you “.

Jesus is not someone who rejects you. Even after the crucifixion, Jesus was with his loved ones in glorification for 70 days.

Jesus, who could not bear the heavy burden of the old law, gave his life to shed the great salvation of grace from on high, thinking behind the curtain and preparing salvation by carrying the burden of mankind. He is our savior.

John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. This verse is a basic verse about salvation. The Word says that salvation is the gift of God and of the Lamb who sits on the throne.

Zacchaeus sat on the top of the fig tree and Nathanael sat under the fig tree. Jesus saw both men. The state of affairs is deplorable. Jesus saw Zacchaeus who was busy collecting taxes. Jesus saw his life. Zacchaeus is sitting on top of a tree to see Jesus. Jesus said to him, I will eat dinner with you today. Jesus said I will fellowship with you in your house.
Nathanael was sitting under the fig tree when Jesus came. Nathanael’s complaint was that no one would bring me into the house of God. Jesus tells Nathanael that you will see greater things than this.

asks another. What must I do to be saved Lord? Jesus tells him to sell everything you have and give to the poor. He returned reluctantly.
What is Jesus saying here? The verse reminds us that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. A camel is an animal that carries all the water in its body for its journey. That camel will never shed its water and the eye of a needle will never become bigger. If you let go of things in life that tell you to let go, you will find ways to salvation.

He will never leave you. He will never reject you. Will not leave. Peter speaks with the assurance of his life experiences. Peter- Left the boat and the net.- Loved Jesus- Followed Jesus. He left behind all his desires and desires and followed Jesus. If Peter and his friends cast a net and caught fish while they were in the boat, Jesus is the one who is holding him today.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. But the word says that you and your family will be saved. The word that comes out of my mouth will not return unless it has fulfilled its purpose.

That big ark prepared for us two thousand years ago. The door of the ark of salvation is still not closed.
Faithful Jesus who made us righteous in the presence of the Father and called us to the experience of eternal salvation, to the wonderful light of eternal heaven and eternal home.

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