Basics of Economics

Economics is divided into two broad categories. * Microeconomics and * Macroeconomis Microeconomics - Study of individual decisions taken by bussiness , House holders , Workers etc. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are complementary to one another. Macroeconomics – Focuses on the study of economics taken by countries and governments and assesses the economy as a full . Deals with issues like inflation , growth … Continue reading Basics of Economics

Types of Clouds

Clouds are mainly Cirrus, Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus. Cirrus : Formed of high altitude 8000-12000 KM . Almost height upto the peak of Mount Everest . they're thin . appear as if feather . cold . Composed of Ice Crystals /droplets. Cumulus : 4000-7000 Km. Like plant fiber . appear as if Colley flower . May or might not produce rain. If join together chances to rain is heigh . Bigger than Cirrus … Continue reading Types of Clouds

International Organizations

  Here gives organizations deals with international matters of countries which include political, economical, health, Cultural etc. BRICS - BRICS Established in 2009. Members -  Brazil  ,  Russia  , India  , China  , South Africa.   Initially South Africa was not in BRICS. It was only BRIC . Later Africa invited to join in December 2010. … Continue reading International Organizations

Types of Forests

A plant community , which has grown naturally without human aid refered as Natural Vegetation. It includes: Forests,Grasslands,Shrubs and bushes FORESTS CAN BE OF DIFFERENT FORMS AS BELOW Tropical deciduous forests : Tropical desiduous are the mansoon forests found in the large part of India, Northern Australia, Central America.These regions experience seasonal changes.Trees shed their … Continue reading Types of Forests