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Major floods in World History

Major floods in World History

  1. CHINA FLOODS : 1931. 2-4 Million Deaths. Storm and cyclone activity caused Yangtze, Yellow, and Huai fell above their maximum limit. Destroyed farm lands and caused long famine. Cholera epidemic spread and caused large number of deaths.
  2. YELLOW RIVER FLOOD : China, 1887 September. 9,00,000 deaths.
  3. YELLOW RIVER FLOODS : 1938 JUNE 9. 8,00,000 deaths. It was occurred during the second Sino-Japan war. Occurred during Japanese rapid advancement towards China. Some refers it as largest act of environmental warfare in history.
  4. Typhoon Nina : July 1975. 2,24,000 deaths. Tropical cyclone started in Vietnam moved to China caused collapse of a dam in China and more dams collapsed. It was the fourth largest flood ever in world history.
  5. Yangtze flood : July 1935. Fifth ever big flood in World history. 1,45,000 deaths.
  6. St. Felix’s Flood : 1530 November. 1,20,000 deaths. It was in the city of Rome. Biggest flood Europe ever seen. The day later known as evil Saturday.
  7. Jianzi river flood : 1911. 1,00,000 death. Main source for irrigation in China. Exact count of deaths may higher.
  8. Red River Flood: 1971 August. Red river delta in Vietnam.
  9. St. Lucia’s Flood :- 1287 December.50,000 to 80,000 death. Between Netherland and Germany. Destroyed all villages and Amsterdam.
  10. Netherland Flood : 1212 June. 60000 deaths. Lasted 5 months. Because of the rivers of North Sea Netherland is Prone to flooding.

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